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FIA Approved Seat Insert Kits

BSCI, Inc. continues its advancement in the development of foam for use in energy management in motorsports. Through extensive research and development, we have developed foam to meet and exceed FIA specification for materials used in sports car headrests for driver safety in motorsports. ENER-CORE EC 50 was developed in accordance with higher standards governing the materials that can be used for head protection. EC 50 will not melt or drip in a fire and is also a self-extinguishing material.

Product Details

ENER-CORE EC 50 is available from BSCI in do-it-yourself seat kits. This material is a revolution in the two-part foam seat insert design, providing a ready-to-use seat in approximately one hour. This is a kit that has everything you need to do your own custom poured seats.

BSCI has implemented the use of EC 50 in molded seating applications where ultimate fit, comfort and most importantly, where safety is desired. EC 50 is used widely in the motorsports industry for energy management in head impacts. This foam technology has enabled BSCI to develop the use of this same material for use in molded seat inserts to help manage the forces exerted on a driver's body during crashes. Seat inserts molded from EC 50 are inherently self extinguishing when fire becomes an issue.

Not only does the foam provide impact absorption during a crash, the material also serves to offer total body support during the normal running of a race. Because EC 50 is a liquid when introduced to the mold application, it offers a perfect replication of the driver's body unlike using other materials such as foam beads which are solid in nature.   Where beaded seats are already present, EC 50 can be used as a layer between the bead and the driver in order to finalize the perfect fit.

Advantages over 2-part foam systems:

  • EC 50 is tested to rigorous impact and flammability standards to conform to FIA standards
  • The slow foaming rate gives the occupant more time to position their body in the seat for molding
  • EC 50 is a resilient material that does not require replacement after impact

Advantages over beaded seats

  • EC 50 is tested to rigorous impact and flammability standards to conform to FIA standards
  • No costly and unreadily available tools needed such as vacuum pumps
  • Time is of the essence in racing and other occupations, and with a cure time of five minutes, EC 50 completion time surpasses that of beaded seats.
  • EC 50 begins as a liquid, allowing the material to conform to every crevice of the body and ensuring accuracy of the mold. This allows for maximum comfort and support which is to be expected by the occupant. Beaded seats do not have this characteristic.
  • EC 50 is a resilient material that does not require replacement after impact

Comes with the following:

  • Foam kit, fire-resistant material for covering, sheet of ¼” x 16” x 36” foam, bag, electric carving knife, roll of black gaffers tape, roll double sided tape and instructions.
  • Small and Medium kits include 1/2 yard of fire-resistant material; Large and X-Large kits include 1 yard of fire-resistant material; XX-Large kits include 1 1/2 yards of fire-resistant material.

Small Kit:  .96 ft³ foam

Medium Kit:  1.28 ft³ foam

Large Kit:  1.91 ft³ foam

X-Large Kit:  2.55 ft³ foam

XX-Large Kit:  3.40 ft³ foam

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