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SFI 45.1 Approved Roll Bar Padding - 48000 Series

SFI 45.1 Approved Roll Bar Padding - 48000 Series

Product Details

BSCI pioneered the innovation and development of roll bar padding that set the industry standard.   Both the half round shape and SFI safety standards resulted from lobbying and research and development initiated by BSCI.   Today, we are still the leader in development of energy management foams for use in protecting drivers and occupants from more serious injuries when interior roll cages are contacted.  BSCI SFI padding is used extensively throughout the USA and in global motorsports venues.  Always turn to BSCI for the best in roll bar padding products.

  • Tested extensively under rigorous impact and flammability standards
  • Available in colors Black, Red and Blue
  • Formulated for maximum impact absorption using our superior technology
  • Will not melt or drip in a fire and the padding is self-extinguishing
  • Acrylic adhesive molded within padding for easy installation
  • Easy to cut and shape for custom installation


  • 7/8" thickness to fit 1 1/2"- 2" bar diameter
  • Padding is 36" in length

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Technical Drawings

SFI 45.1 Approved Roll Bar Padding 48000 Series