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BSCI specializes in developing innovative Energy Impact Systems (EIS) materials.

Our state-of-the-art foams are designed not only to mitigate the impact energy forces absorbed by the head, neck, torso, hips and legs but also to offer superior protection from fire while reducing stress and fatigue and maximizing comfort and performance.

We carefully scrutinize every aspect of our foam to ensure that our products outperform all our competitors’ by offering the lowest achievable rebound velocity.

At rebound velocities of less than 40 percent of the original impact speed, BSCI materials and products outperform our competitors, whose products have a rebound velocity in the 80 percent range. This factor is another component of our material that transfers to other applications for vehicle occupants, i.e. military, automotive, aerospace, and marine.

Our in-house engineering team can provide custom design consultation services and develop product specs and quotes based upon your requirements and data.

We can also tailor our foam products to varying densities and temperature sensitivities in order to meet the diverse application requirements of a wide range of industries, including motorsports, military, automotive, aerospace and marine.

To ensure superior quality control, all BSCI products are manufactured in our own facilities and thoroughly tested to meet the most rigorous industry standards.

Carbon Fiber Tooling and Foundry Patterns

BSCI can create a pattern directly from a variety of substrates. We can help you choose a substrate depending on the number of parts you need to produce and the temperatures the mold will need to withstand. Once the part has been machined, we can provide a detailed report of the true tolerances of the mold.

Our patterns are produced on our CNC machines, ensuring dimensional accuracy and a fine, consistent finish.

Custom Foam Molding

Custom molded urethane products can be developed and produced to meet rigorous production requirements. We specialize in integral skin foams, proprietary compounds and flame and fire retardant foams.

BSCI can create foam engineered to meet FMVSS (Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards) Specifications for Impact Management and Flammability.

Design and Engineering

BSCI offers CAD/CAM design for production purposes and has the ability to quote parts from customer-supplied data. With the use of 3D scanning equipment, we can reverse engineer an existing part, tool or mold. We can modify this file or cut it directly in any material we can machine.

Fabricated Foam Components

BSCI uses specialty foam fabrication techniques best suited for material type and production size when fabricating foam components for our customers. Our commitment to quality craftsmanship ensures superior foam products that meet exact specifications.

We specialize in designing and manufacturing case inserts, impact padding and flame and fire retardant foams.

CNC Machined Seat Inserts

BSCI can replicate any seat insert or headrest with either of our two SFI 45.2 approved foam materials. Along with our state of the art CNC machines, BSCI uses a process to manufacture products that are precise and uniform in density, increasing the comfort level and safety of the seating system. Using this process, BSCI can duplicate and provide an exact replica of any existing insert, eliminating the need for driver and crew participation.

Poured Seat Inserts

Our technicians are highly trained in molding new seat inserts to the occupant’s body. BSCI uses SFI 45.2 approved foam materials that are inherently self-extinguishing in the event of a fire.

CarbonX fabric covers the exterior of all BSCI seat inserts and headrests. In comparison to other materials used for seat inserts, such as bead seats, which melt and deform when exposed to temperatures around 250 F, BSCI’s EIS W50 foam is stable from temperatures lower than -100 F to over 400 F without showing shrinkage or deformation. Inserts produced are extremely resilient and replacement is not needed after each crash.


BSCI’s 3D CAD design experience, CNC cut tooling and extensive composite fabrication skills allow us to build a prototype to your specifications. We have the skills to take your design from a rough sketch all the way to short production.

We can build one or many prototypes for your latest design concept and can also help you build a working 3D CAD model that will allow you to visualize the design and modifications.

Our numerical control machining equipment allows us to offer a broad range of possibilities both for our own production department and for manufacture production tooling for clients.

CNC Equipment

5-Axis CNC Routers
60” x 120” x 48” (z)
72” x 144” x 36” (z)

3-Axis CNC Routers
72” x 144” x 14” (z)
60” x 96” x 14” (z)
60” x 120” x 15” (z) (2 machines)

4-Axis VMC
Haas VF-4 50” x 20” x 25” (z)
32” x 84” x 30” (z)

With the use of our DMS and Haas equipment, we can ensure dimensional accuracy and a fine and consistent finish when producing your products.

Industries We Serve